VERBA water glass with a Latin inscription


VERBA glass is a lightweight, thin-walled water-glass with the engraved message in the form of a Latin inscription – inspiring, reminiscent or congratulating the person who holds it in his/her hands.
Glass is made after VERBA brand designer and owner Anna Fanigina's design.

The height of a glass is 11 cm.

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Please ask for availability via [email protected] if a specific inscription is needed!

Please write your chosen inscription in the column "Note or instruction" at the checkout.

Possible inscriptions:
GAUDERE MERIS UNDIS enjoy pure water
ANNUM NOVUM BONUM FELICEM FAUSTUM FORTUNATUMQUE A good, happy, prosperous and fortunate new year
MEMINI TUI, MEMENTO MEI I remember you and you remember me
IN QUO CENSENDUM NIL NISI DANTIS AMOR the value of the ring consists only in the giver’s love
PERPETUA FELICITATE FLOREAS I wish you much happiness
ANNUM NOVUM BONUM FELICEM FAUSTUM FORTUNATUMQUE a good, happy, prosperous and fortunate new year
εὔκηλος τότε νῆα θοὴν ἀνέμοισι πιθήσας Then trust in the winds without care, and haul your swift ship down to the sea
χαῖρέ μοι διαμπερές  радуйся от всего сердца / Be glad and rejoice with all your heart
τῶν νέες ὠκεῖαι ὡς εἰ πτερὸν ἠὲ νόημα their ships are swift as a bird on the wing or as a thought
γηθόσυνος δ' οὔρῳ πέτασ' ἱστία δῖος Ὀδυσσεύς Gladly then did goodly Odysseus spread his sail to the breeze

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