polished silver square ring with inscription in Latin


Sterling silver polished square ring with inscription in Latin.

Material: sterling silver
Width: 4,5 mm

Please write your ring size and chosen inscription in the column "Note or instruction" at the checkout. Choose one of our possible inscriptions or send us your own text.

Possible other inscriptions:
VER AESTAS AUTUMNUS HIEMS spring, summer, autumn, winter
MANE LUX VESPER NOX morning, day, evening, night
VALE, VIGE, VIRE, FLORE be healthy, strong and lusty
OMNE SOLUM FORTI PATRIA every land is home to the brave
FORTIS IMAGINATIO GENERAT CASUM a powerful imagination creates the event
IGNIS TERRA AER AQUA fire, earth, air, water
AMORE MAGISTER EST OPTIMUS love is the best mentor
CAELUM MARE NEBULAE SOL the sky, the sea, the clouds
FIDES SPES CARITAS SOPHIA faith, hope, love, wisdom
LETUM NON OMNIA FINIT death does not end all (Propertius.4.7.1)
SE IN VIAM DARE to start on a journey
EST TIBI FORMA POTENS your strength is in your beauty
AMICI OPTIMA VITAE SUPELLEX friends are the best part of life
AMOR EST VITAE ESSENTIA love is the essence of life
SUUS CUIQUE EST DECOR everything has its charm
PER ASPERA AD ASTRA through difficulties to the stars
NIL VOLENTI DIFFICILE EST for those who want, nothing is difficult
TU MIHI SOLA PLACES I like you alone
MAXIMUM BONUM EST AMICITIA friendship is the greatest good
CERTUS ADVERSUS INCERTA EST certain in the face of uncertainty
FIDES VERI ET FIDUCIA faith in truth and cofidence in one’s self
AMORE TANTUM OPUS EST all you need is love
DUDUM OPTABAM TE DARI I have wanted to see you for so long
SAPIENS SEMPER BEATUS EST a wise man is always happy
INTER NOS LAETEMUR AMANTES with each other let's enjoy love (Propertius)
HOMO EST MUNDI PARS man is part of the universe

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