silver pendants with inscription in Latin


VERBA – “words” are the main source for inspiration to make jewellery, and each piece has an inscription in Latin. Latin with its meaningful and laconic ways of expression play a role in a peculiar “code” in the never-ending stream of messages to the humanity embedded on rings, earrings, and brooches…

Pendant is 2-2,5 cm long.

The price is for the pendant without the silver rim.
In addition it costs 18 euros.

Shipping is included in the price.
Choose one of our possible inscriptions or send us your own text.

Possible inscriptions:
MUNDUS the universe
SEMPER BEĀTUS eternally blessed
CERTUS EVENTŪS confident of success
CON AMORE with love
INDIVULSUS inseparable
ADVERSO FLUMINE against the current
CARUM HABERE to love gently
GRATIAST спасибо thank you
DĪVĪNĀTIO inspiration
LIBERTAS freedom