silver long polished pendant with inscription in Latin


Sterling silver long polished pendant with inscription in Latin.

Shipping is included in the price.

Pendant is 5 cm long.
Please write chosen inscription in the column "Note or instruction".

The price is for the pendant without the silver rim.
It costs additional 18 euros.

Choose one of our possible inscriptions or send us your own text.

Possible inscriptions:
AUDENTES FORTUNA JUVAT fortune favours the brave
ANGELI TE SERVASSINT SEMPER may angels always protect you
OPTIMUS AMICŌRUM MEŌRUM the best among my friends
IN EXCELSITATEM NASCI to grow in height
CERTĀ SEDE MANERE be unchanged
PERPETUA FELICITATE FLOREAS I wish you much happiness
VIRGO EGREGIA FORMA exceptionally beautiful woman
ADVERSO FLUMINE against the current
CERTUS ADVERSUS INCERTA EST certain in the face of uncertainty