small silver spoon with inscription in Latin


Sterling silver small spoon with inscription in Latin.

The length of spoon is 12 cm.

Shipping is included in the price.

Please write your chosen inscription in the column "Note or instruction".
Choose one of our possible inscriptions or send us your own text.

Possible inscriptions:
VIVAT, CRESCAT, FLOREAT may it live, grow, and flourish
MULTUM IN PARVO a lot in little
CON AMORE with love
AD BEATE VIVENDUM to live happily
LUX CORDIS MEUM light of my heart
SUB ALA ANGELI under angel’s wing
TOTI SALUTIFER ORBI CRESCE, PUER grow, child, for the benefit of all mankind
PERPETUA FELICITATE FLOREAS I wish you much happiness
AMOR ET DELICIAE HUMANI GENERIS love and joy of all mankind
OMNIA IN MANIBUS TUĪS it’s in your hands
ANGELI TE SERVASSINT SEMPER may angels always protect you