silver brooch with inscription in Latin


VERBA – “words” are the main source for inspiration to make jewellery, and each piece has an inscription in Latin. Latin with its meaningful and laconic ways of expression play a role in a peculiar “code” in the never-ending stream of messages to the humanity embedded on rings, earrings, and brooches…

Sterling silver brooch with Latin inscription.

Width: 5 mm
Length: 60 mm

Shipping is included in the price.
Choose one of our possible inscriptions or send us your own text.

Possible inscriptions:
AMOR EST VITAE ESSENTIA love is the essence of life
PEREGRINATIO EST VITA life is a journey
CERTUS ADVERSUS INCERTA EST certain in the face of uncertainty
FIDES VERI ET FIDUCIA faith in truth and cofidence in one’s self
IMPAVIDE PROGREDIAMUR go forth courageously
FABRICANDO FABRICAMUR by creating, we create ourselves
ANIMUS LAETITIA VIGET joy strengthens the soul