"Rays of sun are striking.." gold plated silver earrings with rock crystals · RADII SE INTER.. ·


Gold plated sterling silver earrings with transparent rock crystals and inscription in Latin around the earrings on the other side.

RADII SE INTER NUBILA RUMPUNT / rays of sun are striking through the clouds / saules stari, kas laužas caur mākoņiem / лучи солнца пробиваются сквозь облака (This text fits for rock crystals with size 13x18mm)

PRIMA LUCE / at sunrise / rītausmā / на рассвете (This text fits for rock crystals with size 12x16mm and 13x18mm)

Material: gold plated sterling silver
Stone: rock crystal (on the photo rock crystal size is 13x18mm)

Production time is about 12 working days + shipping time. If you need to receive it faster, please contact us to ask about availability.

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