water glass with a Latin inscription


VERBA glass is a lightweight, thin-walled water-glass with the engraved message in the form of a Latin inscription – inspiring, reminiscent or congratulating the person who holds it in his/her hands.
The height of a glass is 11 cm.

Shipping is included in the price.

Please write your chosen inscription in the column "Note or instruction".

Possible inscriptions:
MARE, QUA A SOLE COLLUCET, ALBESCIT ET VIBRAT   sea is there, where it is illuminated by the Sun, where it shines and sparkles
IN VINO VERITAS, IN AQUA SANITAS in wine there is truth, in water there is health
GRATIAS TIBI, AGO QUIA ES thank you that you are
MEMINI TUI, MEMENTO MEI I remember you and you remember me
ANGELI TE SERVASSINT SEMPER may angels always protect you