classical silver earrings


Classical sterling silver earrings

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Please write your chosen inscription in the column "Note or instruction".
Choose one of our possible inscriptions or send us your own text.

Possible inscriptions:
LUX NOX / day night
URBI ORBI / to the city and the world
SUMMUM BONUM / the supreme good
CAELUM TERRA / earth heaven
HIC NUNC / here now
INITIO FINIS / beginning end
BONA MENTE / with good intention
HIC UBIQUE / here everywhere
QUAERO INVENIO / search and find
SEMPER FLORENS / always flowering
PRO CONTRA / for against
CLAM ESSE / rest a secret
MUNDI-PARS / part of the universe
CONSENSO NATURAE / in accord with nature
MAGNUM MYSTERIUM / great miracle